About Home-Garage-Help.com

Who Runs This Place?

Just me. My name is Ben. I am the home-garage-help.com webmaster, as well as the only one involved with all of its content and administration. I’ve been in the Facilities industry since the mid-1990’s where I’ve acquired basic construction, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills. In case you’re wondering, I am NOT an expert in any trade. I’m simply an everyday homeowner with a family of five, a do-it-yourself spirit, and an ever-changing garage.

What's the Point?

So who am I to talk about garages? Well, it doesn’t take an expert to research articles and techniques designed to make better use of the modern home garage, which happens to be THE big idea behind home-garage-help. My aim is to help people help their garages. I knew there’d be enough interest in this just by driving down the street while glancing into open garages and noticing most of them are full of clutter with no room to park. I gather all the information and experiences I can, then I try to present it in a readable, user-friendly format people can not only use, but relate to as well.

What Do You Get Out of It?

I try to feature as many ideas as possible. Many of them become their own pages. Most of the ideas I talk about I’ve either done myself, I’m planning on doing, or I know someone who has. I’m a big believer that the best and most practical ideas come from real people who’ve “been there, done that.” Most home garage websites are all about products, products, products. This is fine, and I like garage products myself, however, I also feel there’s a need for practical, informative articles, advice, suggestions, and examples for garage utilization. So, you’ll see some sponsors and ads, and you’ll hear me talk about a few particular products I truly believe in, but other than that, home-garage-help.com has a low commercial level and I intend on trying to keep it that way.

Where's it Headed?

Content, content, content... one page at a time. The focus is on “how-to” articles and pictures, perhaps videos, and step-by-step instructions. I already have some Web2.0 pages going, which I’m planning on expanding as well. Reader input is very important to me, because I want home-garage-help.com to become the ultimate resource for homeowners looking for ways to better utilize their garages.

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