Garage Parking Guide

Considering a garage parking guide? Have you ever pulled in too far and hit the wall, or have you pulled in not far enough and the garage door wouldn’t close? How about going too far to the left or right and hitting that garage door frame or support post?

Most likely, you answered yes to one of those questions. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Most of us do it from time to time. Fortunately, there are many different garage parking solutions that will help you avoid your garage parking problems…for good! Using a garage parking guide is a surefire way to avoid damage to your vehicle and/or garage walls and posts.

It’s no wonder why the most famous garage parking system is the old ‘tennis ball on a string’ technique because it’s cheap, easy, and it works. However, technology has produced a wide variety of modern garage parking aids that not only work well, but they are easy to install and they’re relatively inexpensive.

When it comes to selecting the right parking guide, you should consider parking problem(s) you’ve previously experienced in your garage. One particular garage parking solution that will cure all garage parking problems is a laser guided parking system. This type of garage parking guide is easily mounted to the garage ceiling. When you open your garage door, you trigger a laser that points down towards the top of your car. Then, all you have to do is slowly drive forward until the laser dot appears on a predetermined spot on your dashboard! The laser then shuts off automatically.

Another type of garage parking guide is a proximity sensor system These measure the distance between your car and the wall as well as other objects. An even simpler type of garage parking system is a parking pad. All you have to do is place the mat exactly where you want it in your garage. When you slowly pull in, you’ll go over a small bump, like an automated carwash. Immediately after the bump, it’s time to stop.

Similar to the mat, a parking block is yet another type of parking guide. It works like an automated carwash stop as well, but unlike the mat, it is just a small block that your wheel fits into. You would only need one of these for just one of your front tires.

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Parking Help

My personal favorite is the laser guided parking system. I've had one for several years now, and no bumps or dings on my vehicles or walls.

A proximity sensor system is also a cool option. I haven't used one myself, but I've only heard good things about them.

A low-tech alternative is a garage parking pad. These are relatively inexpensive, but they definitely serve their purpose.