The Automatic Garage Door Closer... Security and Peace of Mind

Why an automatic garage door closer?

  • No more driving off with an open garage door
  • No more falling asleep with an open garage door
  • Over 50% of home burglaries happen through an open garage door
  • Most home security systems do not protect an open garage
  • Automatic garage door closers give you peace of mind
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If you don’t have a garage door opener, then a garage door closer won’t help you much! It requires an existing garage door opener to operate.

Before I got my auto closer, I spent quite a bit of time researching garage door closers. I was surprised to find that besides electronics hobbyists and their highly technical “build your own closer” plans, there are only a handful of ready to use closers on the market.

The one closer that I felt offered the most was the Auto Closer. It features 5 different closing time delays that you can choose from: 2, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.

The Auto Closer also comes with a “disable” button that mounts on the wall next to your “open” button. The disable button overrides the closer for when you want your garage door to stay open.

So…if you leave your garage door open, the closer begins counting down for the amount of time YOU choose. When it reaches zero, it then sends audible and visual alarms that alert anyone around that the garage door is about to close.

Do yourself and your family a favor, get an Auto Closer and forget about all the things that could happen if you or someone you live with accidentally leaves your garage door open.

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