Bicycle Storage Rack

A bicycle storage rack is hardly optional in any home garage. It's no secret that bicycles take up a lot of valuable floor space if they're not on a rack. "Bam, Thud, Crunch!" That's the sound of your bicycle getting smacked by your vehicle as you pull into your garage. I've done it before, and it helped motivate me to build in the first place!

Using a bicycle storage rack is a fast, practical, and easy way to not only create space , but to help you keep your garage organized. If the designated bike storage in your garage is on the floor and in the way, then it's time for you to take action and use a bicycle storage rack. Bicycle storage racks save space and prevent damage to your vehicles, bicycles, walls, and whatever else may be in the path of your vehicle while parking.

Wall-Mount Dual Bike Rack

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Wall-mount racks are a great solution. The "perfect" solution will be unique to you and your garage, but the chances are pretty good that a wall-mount bicycle rack would make an outstanding, practical addition to your garage with very little money invested.

Awkward Shape Requires Creative Storage

Using a bicycle storage rack solves the problem of where to put bikes in your garage. Without a designated spot, it's not the easiest thing in the world to store your bikes because they do take up significant space and they're not exactly nice and square or rectangular. Rather, they have ever-moving handlebars sticking out, seats sticking up, and pedals banging into stuff.

Because of this, a bike storage rack is the perfect solution. It allows you to store your bike(s) efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly... each and every time no matter how big, small, or awkwardly shaped the bike may be.

Multi-Bike Racks

Wall-mount racks are very popular for home garages because they're widely available, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install and use. I recommend getting one that has spaces for 2 bikes. Why? Because in most garages I've ever seen, there's been more than one bike which could use a nice wall-mount rack just like the one shown in the picture.

Some racks even have spaces for up to 4 bikes, If you take the time to search online and ask around at your local bike store, you might just find something fancier, or simpler, or maybe just better for you than some of the options provided on this page.

Ceiling Bike Lift

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Surprisingly affordable compared to many other types of bicycle storage racks, the ceiling bike lift is a perfect solution for practically any garage. Not only does it look cool, the cost of one these guys is cool on your paycheck as well. Having your bike up high in your garage not only frees up floor space, but also valuable wall space as well. And, if you like to work on your bike, the lift makes a nice adjustable "stand" you can use whenever you need it.

Making Space

Simply put, the ceiling bike lift is the ultimate space maker. No other bicycle rack is going to free up more room in your garage than this one. Because of the low price, perhaps you could get two of these and really open up some room to help you get your garage organized and efficient.

Personally, I do not have a ceiling bike lift, but I have seen them in action, and I've tried one out myself. Now that the kids are getting bigger (and their bikes are getting bigger too!), I will likely get a couple of these for my garage.

Easy to Install and Fun to Use

Even though you have to mount the rack to the ceiling, the installation is relatively simple and fast. You'll need the right tools and a solid ladder. Now… before I tell you how easy it is again… I must say I haven't done it myself. I know, I know.. you may be thinking... "who is this guy to tell me how easy something is when he hasn't even done it before?" Hey, I get that point of view. However, I have installed all kinds of garage ceiling hanging storage shelving units and such, and putting in a handful of screws versus a jar full is a piece of cake!

Of all the bicycle storage racks, the ceiling lift is by far and away the most fun to use. It's actually easier than other racks because you simply place the roped hooks in the proper locations (typically on the handlebars and seat area) and leverage the pulleys for an easy ride up to the ceiling. With all other types of racks and/or hooks, you have to physicall lift your bike to attach it. Overall, it's just plain cool to effortlessly raise and lower your bike to and from your garage ceiling as needed.

The Simple Single Rack

Maybe you have only one bike, or you only have room for a single bicycle storage rack at any one spot in your garage. Whatever the case, the single rack option still helps you maintain a well organized garage by providing a home for the bicycle in the same place every time.

The Fork Hook

Besides the low cost and ease of use, another thing I like a lot about this type of bike storage rack is that you can "tweak" it so your bike hangs just how you want it. What the heck am I talking about? Well, you can slightly bend the arms of the rack up or down so either the front or rear of your bike sits higher or lower than the opposite end. This gives you the option to load up and remove your bike from the front or rear first, whichever way you like the best depending on your garage and the number of bikes you're storing.

The Utility Hook

The utility hook is the good old lag type hook that you screw into a stud on your garage wall or ceiling. These aren't necessarily for bicycles, but I have seen a lot of them used this way. Without a doubt, they're the absolute least expensive type of bicycle storage rack you can use in your garage. The key here is to make sure you screw it into a stud correctly. I strongly recommend using a smaller diameter drill bit to make a pilot hole before installing the hook. Once the hook is securely fastened, then all you have to do is lift up your bike and hang it from a wheel. It may be better to use the rear wheel to keep stress off of the bike forks.

Convinced? You should be!

If you're not using a bicycle storage rack, then you're taking up floor space in your garage that could be used for other things like parking , or a work area.

Do yourself a favor and set up a bike storage rack or two in your garage.

So let's review… when it comes to bike storage, you can save space in your garage, have a safer garage, prevent damage to your vehicles, bikes, and walls, and stay motivated to keep your garage better organized and clutter free. Any questions? Don't make the mistake I made by damaging my bike and scratching my truck. Get the bicycle storage rack you like the most and put it to work for you in your garage. It's a low cost solution to a high cost problem!

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