Garage Ceiling Storage

Garage ceiling storage allows you to better utilize your garage. In today’s world, people are storing more and more stuff in their home garages. The problem is, most of the stuff ends up on the floor, which makes it difficult or impossible to park a vehicle inside.

In most home garages, the ceiling space is totally wasted. A lot of people pay for off-site storage instead of using the space they already have in their garage.

Many manufacturers have realized this, and there are all kinds of garage overhead storage systems now available in either wood, metal, or plastic, as well as different combinations of the three. Some are big, some are small, and some are adjustable so they’ll fit just right in your garage. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, then installing your own garage ceiling storage can be as frugal and creative as you wish.

One particular area that rarely gets utilized for storage is above the garage door track. Most newer garages have at least a couple of feet from the top of the track to the ceiling. Installing some overhead shelving in these locations is a great garage storage solution.

garage ceiling storage 1

You don’t have to insulate, drywall, and paint the space where you want the shelves to go, but doing so is relatively inexpensive and it looks really good when it’s finished. These shelves were made from wire shelving, All-thread, Unistrut, and fasteners. You can find all of these things at any home improvement center.

garage ceiling storage 2

It’s important that the pieces of Unistrut are properly anchored to the ceiling. For these shelves, the Unistrut was attached with lag bolts that screw directly into a pre-drilled stud. If the shelves aren’t anchored properly, they could fall and cause serious harm or property damage.

garage ceiling storage 3

Garage ceiling storage should not be used to store too many heavy things like boxes of books and bowling balls. In addition to stressing the shelf and anchors, heavy items are difficult to get up and down ladders without sacrificing safety. It’s a good rule of thumb to use your garage overhead storage for items that are on the lighter side.

garage ceiling storage 4

Some of the things you can store include, but are not limited to:

Sleeping bags, sleeping foam, tents, camping supplies, moving blankets, shoe boxes full of whatever fits in them, baby and kids clothing, toys, and garden equipment to name a few.

You can also store things like paint and paint supplies, household cleaners and chemicals, oils, and lubricants. This gets them up off the floor and makes your garage much safer if you have children.

No matter if you buy it from a manufacturer, or create it yourself, garage ceiling storage is an ideal way to better utilize your garage.

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