Garage Storage Systems

Garage storage systems are perhaps the perfect solution for the home garage. It doesn’t matter if your garage is finished or not.

It will not only allow you to hang things up at any place on the wall, but it also looks modern, elegant, and complete. The best thing about these systems is the overall look and feel. Although it’s probably not your intention, your friends and neighbors will definitely be impressed!

There are several different manufacturers of these garage storage systems, but they’re all basically designed the same way. They are gapped individual slats that interlock with each other, kind of like a wood floor, but they come several slats wide. Once installed, you can use the associated hooks, baskets, and hangers to organize whatever you like. Another great aspect of these systems is that they can hold a lot of weight. You can hang things like car ramps, tires, heavy tools, wheelbarrows, ladders, etc.

Although professional installation is available, most of these systems are easily screwed to studs in the wall. Another garage organization system you can use is pegboard. It is probably the most widely used solution for garage wall organization. It won’t hold as much weight as the slat systems, but it's extremely versatile and affordable.

It's available in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. It’s also easy to cut with a jigsaw, so you can custom fit it wherever you want. one thing to remember when mounting it, is to put a few washers between the wall and the pegboard. This will allow you to insert all of the different kinds of hooks and attachments that pegboard is famous for. You will be able to find pegboard at your local home improvement center.

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