Garage Parking Pad

With a garage parking pad, you can easily keep your garage floor clean and protected from things such as automotive fluids and yuck that your vehicle brings in, like melted snow and mud.

It doesn’t matter if your garage floor is concrete, wood, tiled, painted, carpeted, or covered with epoxy, a garage parking pad is an excellent choice if you want to contain spills and keep your garage floor clean.

Speaking of clean, parking pads are very easy to clean. All you need is a wet/dry vacuum to clean up liquids as well as salt, gravel, dirt, and mud. Parking pads are also nice because the muck stays on the pad and it doesn’t get tracked into your home.

Parking pads are also safe. They’re not flammable, they don’t absorb oil or grease, and they’re slip resistant.

Although parking pads will help you park (you know when it’s time to stop after your rear wheels go over the small bump), their primary function is to keep the floor area beneath your vehicle clean by capturing any fluids that happen to drip from your vehicle.

Some parking pads can hold over 100 gallons of anything from melted slush to oil and grease!

Most pads have at least a 1” raised edge that goes all the way around the pad. This raised edge is what allows the pad to capture the fluids. If you have anything on the floor by where you park, a parking pad will keep it from getting damaged by fluids. Parking pads are available in many different sizes. All you have to do is measure the length and width of your vehicle, and size up your parking pad accordingly.

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