Proximity Parking Guides... Perfect Parking Every Time

There are basically two different types of proximity parking guides. One type is for your vehicle itself, and the other type is for your garage.

Let’s not beat around the bush…the parking sensor system that is for your vehicle itself can be very expensive. However, it is so useful and practical, that it deserves some mention here on this page.

Unlike the other garage parking guides, these systems go with you, so they’re great for parallel parking on a busy downtown street. Most of these proximity parking guides incorporate sensors that are attached to the front and rear bumpers of your vehicle. These sensors detect nearby obstacles and report that information to a display (roughly 3x3 inches) that you put on your dashboard.

The display has a series of indicator lights that tell you how far from the object(s) each and every sensor is. Some models even have audible alarms in addition to the visual display. These systems are the cream of the crop for all garage parking guides.

Now let’s take a look at the second type of proximity parking guides...

These are the systems you mount on your garage wall. Some wall-mounted models have a green light for when you approach, a yellow light for when you are getting close, and a red light when it’s time to stop.

Click on the picture for more details!

Other models only have a single light that tells you exactly when to stop. Either way, these garage parking aids are an excellent solution for your parking woes. Another nice feature of the wall-mounted garage parking guides is that they’re easy to install and use. Basically, all you have to do is mount the unit on the wall that faces you as you pull in to your garage.

Then, simply park your vehicle in the exact position that you want to park in each and every time from then on. Once you’re ready, just turn the unit on and it will automatically measure the distance from your bumper to the garage wall!

The system then stores that distance in its memory until the unit is turned off. You may want to get a wall-mounted unit that has a battery backup so you won’t have to set up the measurement if your house receives a power outage.

However, these types of garage parking aids are so easy to use, that having to occasionally re-measure really isn’t a very big deal at all.

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