Garage Overhead Storage

garage overhead storage

Garage overhead storage is an solution for creating space in your garage.

When you use overhead garage shelving to store your items, you're ensuring they’ll be safe from things like spills, vehicles, children, and head bumping.

The main difference between overhead and wall mounted shelving is that you don’t need any wall space for overhead shelving. However, you can use some wall space if you choose to do so (like in the following picture).

That’s the beauty of it. It's so versatile that it'll adapt to the needs of your garage. Garage overhead storage is a shelving solution that takes advantage of the valuable overhead space that often gets overlooked in most people's garages.

Garage overhead storage can be as simple or complex as you like. You can design and build your own overhead shelving, or you can shop around (especially online) and you’ll find a wide variety available to meet your garage storage needs.

Here's an example of garage ceiling storage that you can create and install yourself. A few brackets and a few 2x4's, some mounting hardware, and you're all set.

Another option is to buy a kit. Some kits even have multi-layer shelving. This will reduce the height of the storage space, but it doubles the amount of shelf space. Overhead storage shelves are also adjustable. You can set most of the store bought models to anywhere from 15 to 48 inches from your garage ceiling down.

Most overhead storage systems are anywhere from 36 to 96 inches long. The nice thing is that you can find one that fits your garage space just right.

Another great feature of the overhead storage solution is the ease of installation. You don’t necessarily need a second person to help you.

All you have to do is anchor the supports to the bottom of your ceiling joists(use a stud finder if your garage is dry walled). Then, you attach the shelving to the supports. It’s really that simple.

Overhead shelving is an ideal garage storage solution. It’s the perfect way to utilize your garage ceiling storage space, especially if you don’t have any attic space in your garage. The shape and slope of your garage ceiling doesn’t matter when it comes to overhead shelving. You’ll also find that overhead shelving costs less than many other storage solutions such as cabinets and stand-alone rack units.

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