Garage Pegboard Installation

Garage pegboard installation is easy. The most common way is to make a frame by fastening 1 X 4’s to the wall, then fastening the pegboard to the frame.

The space between the pegboard and wall is so the hooks are able to seat properly.

The pegboard won’t be so flimsy once it’s attached to the frame, but adding an additional 1 X 4 across the middle of the frame will provide even better stability.

Using 1 X 4’s will do the trick whether you’re installing a small pegboard panel or you’re covering an entire wall.

The first step is to decide where you want to put it. One of the most useful places is on the wall above your workbench. It’s a great location for hanging hand tools and hardware.

If you do decide to install pegboard on an entire wall, or all the walls of your garage, you may want to consider some garage finishing options before doing so.

These include things like installing insulation, adding electrical outlets, and installing drywall.

After you complete the pegboard installation in your garage, you’re ready to start using it by adding pegboard accessories to organize and hang your tools and hardware. You might be surprised at how much you can fit on just a small piece of pegboard.

It’s no secret that pegboard isn’t as visually appealing as Slatwall and Gridwall. It’s also not as strong or durable. However, it’s the best garage wall storage solution you can get for the least amount of money.

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